All Natural Organic Activated Charcoal Powder

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Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder is a 100% Natural Teeth Whitener. It naturally whitens teeth, polishes teeth, strengthens enamel and detoxifies your mouth without any chemicals and added nasties. All by simply dipping a wet toothbrush into the fine, odorless and tasteless black dust. Brush in small gentle circles for two minutes. Spit it out carefully, rinse really well and you’re done. Your mouth will feel so clean!

Stop spending hundreds on teeth whitening treatments with our new charcoal powder!

Ingredient: Teeth whitening powder, All organic activated bamboo charcoal powder. 

1、Make toothbrush slightly wet.
2、Remove excess water from the brush.
3、Dip brush into the charcoal powder.
4、Dab off excess powder (a little goes a long way).
5、Brush teeth like normal, for 1-2 minutes.
6、Rinse mouth thoroughly to remove the charcoal. Spit directly into the sink and use water to keep the sink clean.

NET WT: 20g

    • Containing Whitening Ingredient: It will remove all stains resulting from smoking and drinking tea in a more effective way, and make your teeth white and glare.
    • Unique Active Formula: The formula could whiten the teeth in depth, prevent the teeth stains from forming again, and maintain the whitening effect for a long time.
    • Double-Effective Protective Formula: While whitening the teeth, the formula could prevent the new color pigment from attaching to your teeth, so as to ensure your healthy and confident smile.


  • Please be more careful when the opening lid to avoid power sprays out.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store in dry place, out of direct sunshine.
  • Stop using if you feel uncomfortable.
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